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H&T Trusted tax is emerging as a pioneer in consulting Tax Services for H1B/L1 or Consultants working on Client Projects, Students working on OPT/CPT, Business Owners and High Net worth Individuals. Our systems are designed to prompt you for possible deductions and tax exemptions that you may have missed. This ensures you get the maximum refund possible in the shortest time. H&T Trusted tax also brings a host of value added services, in addition to the basic return preparation & filing plan. Select the service, you want, pay for the same and use. Ignore rest of the services. If you've ever been confused about how to file taxes, you're not alone. HTTrusted is here to help you during tax season and off-season. Whether you're new to filing taxes or have been doing it for years, and whether you're just starting to earn income or have extensive assets to work with, HTTrusted is your source for filing taxes. Only HTTrusted Block helps you prepare for an audit and provides a tax professional to represent you in person – for free. We’re there for you, even after you file. Our sole motto is attracting, developing, and retaining exceptional and diverse professionals, ensure compliance with tax laws and reporting requirements. We operate with world-class infrastructure, which means high security of information, we emphasize with integrity and put client’s interest ahead of ours adding maximum value to their business.

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